Let me first thank you for visiting mixingcontest.com. I’m happy you found this site! It’s probably safe to assume that you and I have some things in common and that is why you are here.

There aren’t many people who find the art of mixing fascinating. Although I do write and produce; I find mixing a well recorded session down to one beautiful stereo track irresistible. The thrill of locking the bass and kick together or the satisfaction of shaping a vocal track to perfect contour.

After countless hours of trying to find mixing contests and opportunities to practice my craft on, I came to realize we (mixers) are in a small niche, a sub category often over looked by common music entrepreneurs. We don’t have very many resources tailored to our art.

I started MixingContest.com as a hub of opportunities. I’m not hosting contests, I’m posting current opportunities. Hopefully I can bring awareness to current mixing contests and serve as aid to all my fellow mixers.

This site will always be a work in progress and I’m always open to suggestions on how to improve the visitors experience.

Say hello to me on twitter or share your ideas there! If you hear of any opportunities let me know!

Happy Mixing!
Brent (gridwav)